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Welcome! (Timezone: Multi-National!)
If you enjoy a large, vibrant, friendly and active community that values its members and strives to be a jack-of-all trades in PvX content then Somnium may be the guild for you no matter what country you live in! Somnium is always looking for nice and experienced players to join our ranks. If you have a relaxed open minded personality you'll fit in perfectly. Its important to us that we enjoy the game and have fun while we play.

What can you expect from Somnium?

-A well organised and structered game environment with planned events and something constantly going on.
-A fun and social place where you want to log on to the game and forums outside of your structured events.
-Good players with skill that know how to play and always strive to be better.

Guild Steam Group! | Guild Twitter!
Want to join us?